Neo Biofeedback- Medicine Way Consultation

The software of this unique device can access organ system imbalances via your salvia and hair. The advance software decodes, analyzes and displays the results on our computer screen. A detailed analysis includes: imbalances in organs, toxins, allergies, hormones, bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxic unprocessed emotions. A personalized homeopathic remedy is created for each individual to assist in the Clients healing process. Remote sessions are available as well.  $250 included is a consultation along with the scan.

Dr. Lisa goes over the findings and makes product and lifestyle changes to assist the body.  

What is needed:

1. Contact Dr. Lisa Keyes by text @ 720-470-0288 to let her know you are interested in an appointment.

2. What is needed is the following: * Several strands of hair * Placing a Q tip in your mouth on both ends to get your salvia on the tips of the Q -tip  place both hair and Q tip in a zip lock bag * Label zip lock bag with your name and date of birth on it.  * Wrap in paper towel or padding before placing it in envelope. 

3. Contact Lisa for her address.

4. Payment - Check or Credit Card given over phone. 

5. When package is received Dr. Lisa will text you and let you know when she will start the scan and send you images. etc. 

Request Your  Consultation Appointment Today! 

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