Holistic Trauma Release Therapy (HTRT)  -  Areas of effectiveness such as PTSD, Addictions, Grief, Injuries, Sleep disorders and many others.  This therapy works with the brain and the autonomic nervous system in the gut.  An individual goes through an activation process which allows your body to release stress and trauma both physically and emotionally trapped in the nervous system. 

The autonomic nervous system is also where the fight or flight reaction takes place. This important part of the nervous system is called "Enteric Nervous System" gut brain. In the book The Body Keeps Score author: Bessel van der Kolk speaks about the brain has basic parts. This is where we get the term follow your gut or my gut reaction. This process is easy and safe. The brain is in the driver's seat and removes the stress and triggers trapped in the autonomic nervous system and clears the stress history. 

Appointments are scheduled for two hour sessions at $100 and can be held in office or via phone.  Please call to schedule your appointment today at: 720-470-0288

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