Are you searching for greater freedom and victory in your life? In her powerful new book release, The Keys To Emotional Well-Being, Dr. Lisa Keyes-Fresquez, DNM, gives new revelation to the body of Christ on how to use the powerful master key of “loosing and binding.” (This book was previously released as: Healing Your Soul Through Loosing And Binding: The Key To Soul Prosperity!) It’s time to free your soul from any and all bondage to truly prosper in every area of your life while cleansing your soul of toxic emotions that negatively affect the soul and impact the physical body. While there have been many books on the topic of soul healing, they essentially miss a fundamental point. Dr. Lisa lays the groundwork for obtaining and retaining victory in soul health by applying faith and prayer as well as a powerful key of loosing and binding that enables readers to prosper in a whole new way of living.


"Hi Lisa! I was so blessed to  meet you at lunch on Sunday with K-Joseph and Gary Thompson. I purchased your book and I am now on my second time through it!!  I underlined and dogeared so many pages that I just decided to read the whole thing again! I will be gifting your book to my daughters and friends.  I think every Christian everywhere should have a copy!! Thank you and May God Bless You and Your Ministry!"

- Gina Durbin

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