NORMALIZING DELIVERANCE! We are called as the body of Christ to set the captives free! (To be free ourselves!) This manual is designed with you in mind. Everyone needs deliverance and there should be no shame in that. Every prayer model has shown tremendous fruit in all material presented.

Unlock the power of spiritual liberation with Deliverance Prayer Manual! For ministers, counselors, and laypeople seeking to confront and overcome demonic and generational bondages. Through prayers of release and strategic guidance, individuals will discover how to dismantle strongholds, break curses, and usher in divine healing and restoration.


“This book provides knowledge, understanding and wisdom to tear down demonic strongholds! While on the 'mission field' serving as a missionary in Kenya, Africa, and director of our team, we are faced with demonic situations as we go into the streets and orphanages, ministering to street youths. These principles are poignant to provide clear directives, as we train and review these principles regularly. This book provides identifying factors to face strongholds, and break demonic powers, as well as how to pray to maintain freedom! The thoroughness of its categorized compilations of knowledge and wisdom provides tools which delineate of the deliverance process.”

~ Millie Moore, More Outreach Ministries

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